6 Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Modernize Your Bathrooms 

If you're like many busy women today, your bathroom is your private sanctuary where you can get away from it all. This is especially true if you have a young family and a demanding job. So sit back and relax, here are our Top Bathroom Lighting Ideas to highlight your modern day bathroom sanctuaries.

Of course, we will also give you some things  to consider, warnings, and how adding more lighting to your bathroom can fit into any bathroom renovation.

Unfortunately, too many homes don't have inadequate lighting for their bathrooms....

However, bathroom lighting  is extremely important!

Pendant Bathroom Lighting Ideas such as this makes it easy to highlight the Marble countertop with dark oak cabinetry with gold finishing's vertical lined wallpaper and two vanity mirrors in this luxury bathroom

You don't always have to overthink...the answer can be so simple. Consider...

 Modern Bathroom Lighting Idea #1: OVERHEAD LIGHTING

Overhead Lighting seems to be one of the most underrated Bathroom Lighting Ideas. Most American bathrooms only have one overhead light. 

However, this is not enough light for sufficiently illuminating a vanity sink, as well as a tub and toilet. Overhead lighting, is a type of lighting that directs light in a downward direction by being located on a ceiling. By adding overhead lighting in your bathrooms, you can vastly improve your bathroom lighting.

Bathroom Light ideas for a Rustic oak vanity with grey countertops and frost grey walls finished with lightbulb shaped sconces

This is the PERFECT solution if your looking to personalize your bathroom

Modern  Bathroom Lighting Idea #2: Wall Sconces

For instance, wall sconces, which are ideal for task lighting, can attach to any type of wall. Wall Sconces shine light out, brightly illuminating an immediate space. 

Surprisingly enough, this particular Bathroom Lighting Idea, you can find them in a wide range of sizes and shapes to go with many types of styles. 

Furthermore, consider how wall sconces near a shower are helpful because the shower curtain won't cut off lighting. Click here for some unique bathroom wall sconces to add to your new bathroom!

In wall recessed Shelf lighting is a great bathroom lighting idea to highlight decorations like incense and stone candle holders

Want the Lighting, but without all the clutter???

Modern  Bathroom Lighting Idea #3: RECESSED LIGHTING

One huge benefit of Recessed Lighting is it's versatility.  

Recessed lighting creates a Swiss-cheese type of  pattern, while shining down from a ceiling and brightening the space. This form of lighting can also be installed in walls! 

Additionally, recessed lighting can even be installed in a shower floor, which can add lighting layers to a bathroom area. The placement of recessed lighting is critical because when placed in the wrong locations, the lighting can be glary and contain shadows that can give a bathroom an unpleasant look.

Light oak cabinetry with mate silver-gold finishing's and rocky rode colored marble countertop accented with four vanity lights along each side of the mirrors is a great bathroom lighting idea

It take 7 Seconds to make a Solid Impression on someone....Make it COUNT

Modern  Bathroom Lighting Idea #4:Vanity Lighting

Your Vanity Area needs to have exceptionally bright lighting so that you can do several tasks.

These include those, such as applying makeup, styling your hair, putting on or removing contact lens, plucking your eyebrows or even just removing a splinter.

If you don't have the right lighting around a vanity, you can suffer from eyestrain. To have optimal lighting for doing tasks in front of your vanity mirror, position your fixtures on either side of the mirror at about eye level.

Modern old farmhouse bathroom with two simple pendant lights hanging above the sink is a simple yet good bathroom lighting idea

Check out this Simplistic Lighting Idea for all to enjoy!

Modern  Bathroom Lighting Idea #5: PENDANT LIGHTS

Another one to add to your list of Bathroom Lighting Ideas is installing Pendant Lights, which can be hung from the ceiling by a chain or a cord. 

Even this lighting hack idea works exceptionally well when used on either side of a mirror or in the center of the bathroom. 

You can easily adjust the height, according to the space, which creates layers of light. Check out these beautiful pendant lights for more inspiration!

The most common bathroom vent and light combo shining down in the center of the bathroom is a classic bathroom lighting idea

Modern  Bathroom Lighting Idea #6: COMBO LIGHT/VENT UNIT

Using a Combination Light, a fan and heater vent unit is another good way for adding more lighting to bathrooms. This lighting involves a three-in-one fixture. Because they can be complicated to install, it's best to hire a professional. 



  • Use Daylight As A Model—By modeling your lighting after daylight you can improve your grooming habits as well as your mood. This means using natural light for your inspiration and then choosing the bulbs that do the best job of mimicking the ambiance you want in a specific space.
  • Consider Light Levels—Ensure that the light levels in your bathroom match the task. This is even more critical for bathrooms because the tasks you do there require your best vision, besides a steady hand.
  • Use Layers Of Light—For example, using three layers of light can greatly improve the beauty of a bathroom. To make sure that the light is evenly distributed, choose a mixture of ambient light, such as pendants, chandeliers or flush mounts.
  • Caution! Wet Location—Keep in mind that some lights don't work well around a shower since this is a wet location. Water easily splashes on lighting fixtures, which can create hazardous conditions.
  • Less is More—Don't overdo your bathroom lighting—In other words, be balanced. 

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