Visually Appealing Kitchen Storage Optimization Hacks 

While the kitchen remains the remaining champion being the center of the home universe, above all, it needs to be well-organized and attractive.  With that being said, that's where kitchen storage comes into play. Not to mention, the kitchen is where you love spending time cooking great dishes, sharing snacks, and most importantly, having small talk with your loved ones.  

All in all, these kitchen renovation ideas will ensure your kitchen remains uncluttered no matter the number of activities that go on there.

Young lady optimizing her kitchen storage space by using clear container to house her fruit and nuts in

Your Guide to Optimize Kitchen Storage Space  

  • Foremost, ensure your working triangle. Ordinarily, the working triangle involves the sink, fridge, and stove forming a triangle. As a result, this will help with ease of movement when working in the kitchen. Therefore, establishing work zones around these triangle points in the long run lighten the whole process of prepping and cooking.
  • Secondly, in addition to the working triangle, zones involving food prepping, lunch packing, and cleanup, in general should be near the sink. Similarly, those for cooking and baking for example, your food prepping zones should be near the oven. Obliviously, with that being said the beverage zone should be close to the refrigerator.
  • Next, once you know your work zones, as a result, you can now store your items by task closest to the working area.
  • Finally, use as much vertical space as possible when trying to optimize kitchen storage space. Add vertical storage where there are empty spaces in your kitchen. For instance, it can be over your sink, counters, stove, and fridge. Keep in mind, you can use hanging racks, wall cabinets, or open shelves.
  • In the event that you run out of space,...Create more storage in your cabinets by using cabinet dividers, spice racks, peg systems (for plate storage in drawers), rollout trays, shelf risers, and pull out drawers. For one thing is for sure, using racks can help organize your cooking accessories.
the design of  these Cherry wood cabinet finishing's  highlight the various sizes and shape of these  kitchen storage units

Different types of cabinet storage

Up next, let talk about cabinet storage. Cabinet Storage Solutions come in various sizes, shapes, types, designs, and materials to meet your kitchen renovation needs. Similarly, they create functional spaces that help with maintaining order. In other words, you may consider wall cupboards, floor-to-ceiling cabinets, floating shelves, or glass door cabinets.

In fact, rollout drawers, cutlery dividers, spice storage, slide-out waste, and pull out shelves are other popular cabinet storage types. With this in mind, if you need help installing your new cabinet storage units, look no further! 

Young lady using glass mason jars as a display but also as kitchen storage for her dry goods

How to renovate a pantry for the BEST kitchen storage configuration

In short, optimize your pantry space, no matter how small by using these ideas. By all means, give these ideas a try. In spite of all your kitchens shortcomings, with this guide I'm, sure that it will give you a feeling of having doubled your kitchen storage space.

  • First, use clear well-labeled containers for your cereals and spices.
  • In addition to, get the slide-out baskets for fruits and vegetables. 
  • Next, invest in a pull out bar for the liquor bottles.
  • Also, store cans horizontally in wire baskets.
  • Next, Arrange your baking supplies in a bin.
  • Whatever you do, Do not forget the pantry door space where you can install a nook for storing cling wrap and foils.
  • Try not to forget the pantry door space where you can install a nook for storing cling wrap and foils.
  • Last but not least, add hooks next to the pantry door for hanging your mitts, aprons, and towels.
Rose gold cooking essentials lines up on the kitchen backsplash for optimal kitchen storage and usage .

What visible storage options can be aesthetically pleasing while providing great storage?

Nevertheless, these creative ideas will help declutter your kitchen, leaving it looking smart and elegant.

  • Under-shelf storage baskets utilize unused and unnoticed space in which you can store your utensils or linen.
  • Tea stand that holds about a hundred tea bags.
  • With a three-in-one device between your countertop and cabinet can aesthetically organize your paper towels, plastic wraps, and aluminum foils. Not to mention, you can place some of your spices on it as well.
  • Equally important, a rotating organizer fixed beneath your cabinet can store some of your utensils.
  • In addition to the other ideas, try a magnetic kitchen organizer placed on your fridge door can hold cloth and paper towels, mitts, and wraps.
  • Not to mention, pot and pans organizers or hanging racks can be placed in your kitchen.
  • Also, don't forget hanging wine glasses holder beneath your cabinet displays them attractively while providing storage.

If you have not already, be sure to read Easy Kitchen Renovation Ideas To Increase Your Home Value!  I'm sure you will love all of these tips and trick to instantly increase the value of your home. I promise... be disappointed!

To recap, a kitchen renovation is a huge undertaking, and you want to remove as much stress and cost as possible...while being efficient with you kitchen storage. We listed some great kitchen storage ideas, and would love to hear which ones you have tried. 

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