6 Hacks to Instantly Make Ceilings Look Higher 

Many new homeowners love their new homes, but wish they could make their ceilings look higher!  It seems that many people purchasing homes nowadays dream of having high ceilings in their home.

BUT... Have you considered this:

  • Rooms with high ceilings are a pain to circulate air through especially heat during the summer.
  • They are expensive to paint.
  • And finding curtains and hardware fixtures is a pain, just to name a few.

Low to moderately high ceilings are easier to heat and cool down, less expensive to paint, and you can find more home hardware to choose from such as curtains and rods.

Furthermore, that pesky lightbulb that needs to be changed every now and then... It will be as simple as stepping on a stepping stool. Change your mind yet? 

6 Hacks to Instantly Make Ceilings Look Higher:

Green tropical print wallpaper with natural sunlight and low grey horizontal furniture Make ceilings look higher

#1 Consider Low, Horizontal Furniture  Options

Have you ever heard the saying “How low can you go?” Well, our goal is to make ceilings look higher.  A great way to do this is to keep your furniture as low to the floor as possible.

Furthermore, keeping your furniture low as the say will dramatically amplify the perceived  height of your room.

a living with Nude colored furniture with crisp white linens and natural sunlight helps make ceilings look higher

#2 Use As Much Natural Lighting As Possible

Second, by inviting natural light into any area draws the eye outward giving the illusion that the room seems bigger than it really is. Furthermore, connecting your indoor space to your outdoor space by inviting natural light into any room, can make a small room feel just as equally spacious as a large room.

Kitchen furnished  with silver and black appliances flush lighting with a solid wood finish to the cabinets and kitchen storage

Ready for more Tips & Tricks to Make Ceilings Look Higher?
Here we go...

#3 Make Your Ceilings Look Higher By Keeping The Lighting Flush With Ceiling 

Nevertheless, most contemporary homes with modest ceilings, use flushed-mounted lighting to help with keeping the clean modern concept. This concept will help create the illusion of tall overhead ceilings. If your looking for great flushed-mounted lighting, here is a great lace to start.

Wooden Chair with light wood floors white vertical wood paneling on the walls for texture and depth

# 4 Make Your Ceilings Look Higher With Vertical Stripes

Everyone knows that when you wear vertical stripes, that it can create the illusion of a very slimming silhouette, all while creating the illusion of height, right? Same concept with small, tight and narrow spaces in your home as well. The use of vertical strips will give the illusion of a higher ceiling above. 

Queen Bed with throw blanket luxe white rug with white mint and grey curtains with matching photo on wall

#5 Hang Drapes Higher Than The Widows

Consequently, this will lead the eye up past the window, giving you a feeling of increased height. The thought of the window being taller than what it really is, is an very effective strategy.

elevated mud room with crisp built in shelving

#6 Use A Vertical Display

Finally, by grouping like objects together that you want to display in your home will give any space an uplifting effect. Likewise, placing floating shelves on the wall vertically and displaying your artifacts on the shelves will catch the eye and lead the eyes towards the ceiling creating an illusion of height. 

No shelves, no problem. Grouping small frames on the wall, and arranging them vertically will lead the eye upward, creating the same illusion effect.

Using these tips and tricks, and with the right furnishings and décor, you will be able to make any ceiling look higher than what it really is.

We'd love to see your pics of creative ways to make ceilings higher. Tag us @boss_babe_renovations on insta!

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